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Bookkeeping Portland, OR, offers bookkeeping services for small business solutions for accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, bill payment, and tax computation.  

Accounting is very important to all types of business, no matter what size it is to keep it smooth running. Without an appropriate accounting system in place, business is destined to fail. One of the major reasons why small businesses tend to fail is due to improper financial accounting procedures. The problem essentially comes down to time management. Your precious time can manage to primary business operations. Managers and owners frequently juggle back-office operation without noticing that their business suffers. This is where Bookkeeping Portland, OR, comes in. Our customized accounting solution perfectly suits to your existing business framework, saving cost and time. Our passionate and trusted group of virtual bookkeepers who Certified Public Accountants provide a range of accounting and business knowledge necessary to make sure your business succeeds.  

Most small businesses lack the time and resources to develop business progression plans. Working with a reliable and trusted virtual bookkeepers alleviate the risks related to losing internal staff, as the operation and associated business knowledge is not dependent on a single employee.

Your accounting functions serve as the financial foundation of your business. Make sure you are maximizing its full potential. We offer free of charge analysis of your system.

Our experience and dynamic virtual bookkeepers use the best types of systems, and technology allows us to provide bookkeeping and accounting services anywhere you are secure.  


Bookkeepers Portland, OR, is not a technology company. Our virtual bookkeepers are real accountants offering complete solutions for all types of business, no matter how big or small it is. The more services we offer do you, the better we know you, the better we can assist you.

Our company offers services: Online Bookkeeping, efficient bill payments, full payroll services, preparation of financial statements, tax preparation and advising, audit assistance, budget preparation, and so much more. To learn more about the services we offer, click here

When you hire the services of Bookkeeping Portland, OR, you get access to our dedicated team of virtual bookkeepers that will look after your business interests as if they were their own. Bookkeeper Portland, OR, provides the best financial tools and reporting to enable you to track your financial standing. You get to focus on growing your business and making sound decisions for all your financial needs. Costs are competitive and always agreed in advance, so there would any surprise fees. We are committed to the satisfaction of our client, which is why our main source of new accounts comes from loyal clients.

Most business owners often ask themselves why do they need to outsource bookkeepers and what benefits they can get. They fail to realize that outsourcing is a helpful and productive administrative tool for saving time and cost. Likewise, when you choose to outsource with us, it can be the difference between sustaining and being immensely profitable.

Your business profits more if you use your time to focus on the actual business instead of handling a spectrum of administrative tasks. Bookkeepers Portland, OR, provides you options for better handling of your accounting and bookkeeping functions. Get the advanced technical expertise of our virtual bookkeepers to increase profitability through efficiency and robust accounting and bookkeeping solutions allowing you to focus on business functions. Timely, cost-effective, scalable solutions from Bookkeepers Portland, OR, transform into your company’s business growth.


Our teams of experienced certified public accountants and virtual bookkeepers are committed to providing the highest quality service to every client on every task given. We are proud that our business comes from referrals from our clients who availed of our services. 

We deploy the latest technology and proprietary tools in managing our clients’ accounting and bookkeeping assignments. With automated operations and cloud-based storage, delivery times are quicken, response time to client inquiries is faster, and data accuracy is secure throughout the entire process.

Our accounting processes improve and make your workflows efficient. We can reduce our clients’ workload depending on the complexity of the project. We replace outdated, manual, and untimely bill collection and submission obligations with proven, automated systems suited to our clients’ unique needs.

Hiring our company’s accounting services means cost savings, services of our professionals are exceptional, and the ability to leverage an efficient, established technological framework. We believe that by outsourcing, you can save a lot on operational costs. Our company provides businesses with the same access to secure, technological platforms used by huge companies without needing to invest themselves or worry about the related information security requirements.

Bookkeepers Portland, OR, offers a spectrum of services and instant access to individuals with the talent and skill-sets that can be accessed at any time to support the dynamic accounting and bookkeeping needs of growing companies.

By hiring our services for all your accounting needs: 

  1. you get a drastic improvement on your organization’s accounting functions;
  2. easily track capabilities that would otherwise be unavailable or difficult to attain through standard and manual processes; and
  3. faster delivery times with ensured accuracy, and critical data through different compliance and private hosted data center are secured properly.

Our company can customize the extent of support or services required, based on your financial resources. Whether you require a full-time expert in the specific area of your administrative tasks or for a few hours monthly on a project basis, Bookkeepers Portland, OR, can customize the level of support to your business requirements whenever you need it, including maintenance for online and cloud-based solutions of bookkeeping services for small business.

Contact Bookkeeping Portland, OR, to get started on your free, no-obligation consultation. We will provide customized, efficient, and affordable services designed to maximize your time and energy. Focus on what you do best in your business and let us do the rest!